Matters not if you believe that a Being superior to you exists.

Ultimately, you are accountable to inescapable Laws you might not understand

This is An Eyes Wide Shut Tool for the Initiates of the 13 Rites of the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati and its so-called Perfectibilists

The Illuminati Order has it's Rituals, just as the Roman Catholic Church does

The Illuminati Order has its Rogue Members, just as the Roman Catholic Church does

The Illuminati Order endeavors to continue it's existence, just as the Roman Catholic Church does

Love, truth, and peace is relatively NEW in human history. But there was structure long before Man created religious *Bibles*

illuminati Techniques increase Mental/Spiritual Power (see

Certain Techniques unleash metaphysical Forces not obvious to the average person

These Forces can be harnessed to act upon other seen and unseen forces in the physical and metaphysical world.

You are encouraged, helped, and expected to be financially successful. You MUST move past the distraction of financial worry

What do sphinxes, Pyramids, and Pharaohs have in common with Financial Markets today?

Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci

NUMBERS are important in *every* aspect of Physical and Metaphysical Life

All Illuminati Order Members are charged with the Task of protecting Mankind

Our Membership structure and operational techniques are designed to foil our Adversaries for eternity

The I-CID is the illuminati Order's Central Intelligence Division

Encoded Information serves two purposes:

1) Obscuring Messages & Tasks from the uninitiated/impatient

2) Multiple distribution/retrieval points in case of loss or security breach

Eyes of the un-initiated Employees of our Social Networks may dig, restrict, or cancel but still will not *see*.