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Based on concepts of 
Traditional Enlightened Reasoning that pre-dates, but includes the philosophy of GrandMaster Adam Weishaupt, Illuminati Corporation is the Administrative Entity whose goal is to provide a general operational structure and consolidation of resources to illuminati related Associates, Initiated Members,  and Organizations.

The Hermetic Brotherhood of Light continuing through Grandmaster Adam Weishaupt's Ancient and Illuminated Seers of Bavaria;
the Order of the Illuminati.

Our Philosophies have existed for Eons, handed down by Guides to Pharaohs, Monks, Kings, and so on.
In more modern times our Membership has also been influenced by Organizations such as the Argenteum Astrum, Freemasons, and Rosicrucians and in turn, our Philosophies have influenced the so-called Elite more than the Elite has influenced us.
Our work is to spread Liberty, Prosperity, and Scientific and Advanced Education to everyone.
Our name has been used by many Nefarious Impostors throughout history who had no right to use it.

.Enlightenment and Freedom is our Goal.

For Centuries, largely because of fear and control, anybody who spoke too frankly was burned at the stake. The Alchemists, Hermeticists, and other Groups including the Illuminati  learned to speak in Code. Out of necessity, we still do, and we discover who is ready by distributing Information in various ways. Some of the Sites are listed here.

Illuminati Lineage
We are the continuing Order of the Bavari Illuminati Ordinis, Heredes Antiquae Illuminati Ægypti by Bloodline and Initiation
Illuminati Associations
All sanctioned and True Sites and Accounts
 will be listed here or at 
and no place else.
Illuminati Religion
We are not a Religious Order.
The Illuminati, The Illuminati Order,
and Illuminati Corporation
does not Worship Satan,or any Devil or Demons
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